We would not turn off your aircraft in Avinode without telling you.

Most often when you can't find your aircraft in the search result, it is actually there but priced too high and far down the list. The easiest way to see if this is the case, or if the aircraft actually did not appear in the search result is to consult the filter section on the left hand side of the search result.

Scrolling down a bit among the filters, you will find the Sellers filter. In the top you can filter out your own fleet and see if the aircraft is in the list or actually not. 

If you checked the My fleet filter, and it turns out you are missing one or more of your aircraft, there can be a number of different reasons why your aircraft didn't show up.

Here are our Top 6 reasons for why your aircraft is not showing in the search result:

1. Runway length too short. One of the airports in the search you have made has a runway that is too short for your aircraft.  

If you think that the information we have for that airport is wrong, please lookup the airport runway length in the airport popup. 

If you think this data is wrong, please look further down in the window and click on the link "Update Airport info" and a message will be sent to Universal weather who is our airport data provider.

2. There are other scheduled activities conflicting with the itinerary you searched for.
Go to the schedule tab to see what is stated in Avinode for the time of the planned trip. 

Maybe there are conflicting activities in the schedule or the schedule is not correctly reflecting reality? This leads us to the next possible reason why your aircraft didn't show up in the search result.

3. If your aircraft is located in the wrong place in the schedule your flight might have been ruled out due to too much ferry time compared to pax legs within a trip.

4. Cabotage. Do you have permission to fly domestic in another country or region? Cabotage is also know as freedoms of the air, and is a set of aviation rights granting a country’s airlines the privilege to enter and land in another country’s airspace. Avinode restricts the 9th freedom when a flight is 100% within certain foreign countries that enforce cabotage. Avinode shows 5-8th freedom flights since operators can often get permits for these. Multilateral groups like the EU grant their members freedoms in all member states. Read here for more information.

5. Is your AOC valid? If it has expired we would have sent you emails regarding this to remind you to send us an update. If you didn't provide us with an update and the AOC expired, your aircraft becomes inactive automatically.

6. Have you made changes to your pricing profile recently? Sometimes this accidentally "turns off" your own aircraft when making changes to your pricing profile. Please check the pricing profile for the aircraft to make sure it is still active.
Make sure it's still checked to be Used to generate quotes for all companies in Avinode search and not set to Do not use in Avinode search.
Make sure the aircraft has not been removed from the pricing profile by you or a coworker.

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