How does the schedule integration work?

Avinode integrates with over 35 Fleet Management systems. We strongly recommend operators to setup the integration as this will impact the quality of charter requests received through Avinode.

For example, the schedule integration will automatically send events from the Fleet Management System(FMS) to Avinode. Once the trip is added into the FMS system, this will push over to Avinode.

Events that will push automatically from FMS to Avinode:

  • Maintenance events

  • Occupied events/ Passenger segments

  • Empty Leg segments

  • Transient location

We can only see the basic information such as time, tail number, airport and route. The integration does not pull any passenger information.

How does the integration provide a better Avinode experience?

  • This integration helps the operator because they will only receive requests when available.

  • Reduces manual work when trying to sell good trips. The operator will automatically be able to post empty legs and sell transient availability.

How to setup the integration between Avinode and my Fleet Management System?

1) First contact the Avinode team and confirm we can integrate with your Fleet Management system.

2) The Avinode team will issue a token/credentials to connect both systems. This might require assistance from your FMS provider.

Please note, we do not charge to use the integration feature. Happy Selling!

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