It is easy to add that extra level of security to your Avinode account!

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) provides additional security beyond "just" your username and password.  Usually, this is in the form of verifying an additional parameter that you as a user are in control of, like your smartphone. This eliminates the risk of someone else logging in to your account should they have access to your user name or password. 

Avinode support 2FA via an authenticator app which you need to install on your smartphone.  We have tested with the following apps, but there may be others that works as well. 

  • Google Authenticator 

  • Microsoft Authenticator

First, download one of the apps suggested above.

To enable the 2FA on your account you also need to apply it to your user account profile. 

  1. To get to your profile settings, go to the top right corner and select My profile:

2. Go to Sign-in & Security 

In the bottom of the page you will find the section called Two Factor Authentication.
Check the box and click Save to apply this to your user account.

3. You will now see a QR code on the page. Open the authenticator app on your phone and create a new account on it.
Scan the QR code on the Avinode screen.

You have now applied the 2FA to be required every time you login to Avinode.

Going forward, how do I login? 

You enter your username and password as usual. After that, you will automatically be taken to the 2FA screen in the browser on your computer.  You have the choice to apply "trust this device". This means you will only need to sign in with the code once a week instead of every time in this specific device.

At this stage, you open the authenticator app on your smart phone. The app will display a 6 digit code. You type in this code within the time frame and click continue.

Right next to the 6 digit code you can see for how many seconds remaining this code is valid. it will always be valid for 30 seconds. Don't worry! Should you miss the time frame, a new code will appear automatically.

Put in the 6 digits into Avinode and click login, and you're in!

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