You have received an email with instructions from Avinode. Just click on the link to complete the account and set your credentials. Only you should know what they are, keep them safe.

As stated in the email, the link is only valid for 48 hours, after that it can not be user and you need to contact for a new link.

The email is sent from and looks like this:

The link will take you to a page in your web browser.

The security email is your personal email address to which password reset emails will be sent, it is not used to receive requests so make sure it's your own.

Login is your username and make sure it's unique. If someone else is using this login it cannot be used by you.

Password, should be a minimum of 5 characters and is case sensitive. Make sure to type it correctly twice. Click save and you have created your own Avinode user account! Congratulations, you are in!

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