This is a common situation as some aircraft owners will not approve of flights that are too far out in the future. Therefore we have made this easy to setup for your aircraft yourself!

You can add it to your whole fleet or just one single aircraft.
Go to Aircraft and select Routing profiles.

In this list there are two different Routing profiles apart from the default. To edit any of them, click on the cog wheel symbol to the right. 

On the next page, scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will find "Availability Rules". You'll be able to set a time frame to when your aircraft will be available.

In this example all aircraft assigned to this profile will not appear in search result for any urgent flights taking place within the next 36 hours nor any search made for a flight taking place more than 60 days out. Within this time span, the regular scheduled availability and occupied activities will still be considered.

Click here to update your availability rules.

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