To add your aircraft, go to the Aircraft tab and select Fleet.

On that page you can find the link "Create new" on the right hand side of the page:

A popup box will appear on the page.

Select to add a certificate or non-certificate aircraft.

Type in the registration number, type, serial number and manufacturing year.
Save by clicking on the Create new button.

You are now taken to a page where you will provide more data necessary to get your aircraft active.

The minimum data provided to make your aircraft active is Home base, range information, pax information and if owner approval is needed.

Scrolling further down on the page, you have many opportunities to provide more details on your aircraft to give it a complete profile. Such as refurbish dates, T&C's, Amenities asf.

Scrolling up on to the top of the page, you can directly ask Schedaero to add this aircraft to your membership by clicking on the link in the yellow box.

You will get a popup box asking you about what kind of membership you are inquiring and if you have any other comments to add. The message reach your Schedaero contact who will contact you to complete the setup of your aircraft.

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