Sure, we have a mobile app for crew!  Check out the video below.
Go to to learn even more about the benefits of using the crew app.

Frequently asked questions:

Who can download the crew app?

To use the crew app you need to be a registered pilot with a Schedaero member company. You also need a login and an active pilot record linked to your user account in Schedaero.

If you can't log in, your company administrator needs to grant you access in Schedaero.

Is there an additional cost for using the app?

No, the crew app is free of charge for all member companies’ pilots. Just log in and start using a smarter way to share flight information.

Why do I not see any flights when I login?

If you log in and the schedule is empty, there could be a number of reasons:

  • You currently have no missions assigned to your profile
  • Your pilot record in Schedaero has not been linked to your user profile
  • You are not the assigned PIC/SIC on the flight, meaning you will not see the flights or the flight logs.

Contact your company administrator, or the Schedaero team, if you have questions about your account.

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