First, go to the Schedule tab in Avinode

Create a Schedule Activity

All editing is done by left-clicking on the day and aircraft you wish to edit.
To create a new trip or activity, select the right aircraft and date, click “New” and choose one of the available options.

Either option will open a new window in edit mode that looks almost identical whether it is a “Trip” or a “Non-Trip Activity”, the only difference being that in the Trip Activity you can add a “Scheduled Trip” name, for instance the name of the client or internal reference number.

  • Scheduled Trip: Give the trip a display name. This can only be seen internally by your organization.
  • Aircraft: The aircraft is selected based on your choice from the overview. If you want to change the aircraft, please use the dropdown menu.
  • Activity Type: Choose the appropriate activity from the dropdown. These activity types displayed in the image are the default selection, but you can add more or edit the existing ones. Chosing the Activity type Empty leg will automatically market your empty leg in the Avinode search. 
  • Activity Start Date/Time: Start date is based on your choice from the Calendar View. To change the date: write the date directly into the date field or click on the calendar view on the right.
  • From: The departure airport is always set from your home base. If you need to change it, type directly in the text field.
  • To: Enter the ICAO, IATA code, or the name of the city for your arrival airport where you want to show transient.
  • Activity End Date/Time: Leave blank, the system will calculate the end time and date for you once you hit the “Enter” key.
  • Passengers: Enter the number of passengers (“0” in the case of a “Maintenance”, “Empty Leg” or “Ferry” activity).

If you want to add an additional leg in the same Trip (either below or above), you can use the “Add line” buttons located to the right.

Now go try it!

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