As a Broker member of Avinode with a membership of at least Advanced or above you will find the post Empty legs section under the Company tab.

If you are an Operator wanting to post an Empty leg on another operator's AOC, you go to the Schedule tab as usual, but select Empty legs instead of schedule.

To start posting the Empty leg, you click Create new, to the right hand side of the page: 

It is only possible to post Empty legs on aircraft that have a valid AOC listed in Avinode. If you can't find the operator in the search it is because we do not have the AOC yet. Please send it to and during office hours we will upload the AOC so you can proceed posting the Empty leg. 

First, select Other Operator to post another operator's AOC (1).

Second, type in the name of the Operator and the exact tail number to verify that this Empty leg is on an aircraft with a valid AOC. The AOC holder will not be revealed in the marketing of this aircraft, it is only for internal purposes (2).

Put in the route and the time span when this aircraft is available.  You have the option to price this specific route, but it is not mandatory.
Last, you can chose if this Empty leg is verified or not. The verification sends the message to a potential buyer that this Empty leg is very likely to take place and gives it a higher rating in the marketing of Empty legs. However, it should only be used if it is confirmed that this Empty leg will happen. (3)

Your empty leg will appear in the list of suggested empty leg matches in the search result and become marketed automatically.

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