Go to your aircraft schedule:

Find the aircraft in the list on the left side of the schedule. Click on the day you wish to add the empty leg on.

Chose either Trip or Non-Trip activity. Either option will open a new window in edit mode that looks almost identical whether it is a “Trip” or a “Non-Trip Activity”, the only difference being that in the Trip Activity you can add a “Scheduled Trip” name, for instance the name of the client or internal reference number.

If you have chosen the Trip activity, you need to start by naming the activity.
Activity type, chose Empty leg. The difference between an Empty leg and a Ferry leg is that the latter will not be marketed as a possible empty leg match or listed in our Empty legs section. The aircraft is only considered available but you will still have the visibility on when the ferry leg will take place.
Add the start date of the Empty leg. If no end date is applied, we will automatically calculate the flight time bases on the performance profile we have for the aircraft.
Add 0 passengers and click save. Your Empty leg is now marketed! 

Tip: If you want to take a step further and verify your empty leg, price it or expand its availability, then you will have to go to the “Schedule – Empty Legs” tab in order to do so.

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