Oh, forgetting your password, it has happened to the best of us.
Therefore we have tried to make it a smooth ride to retrieve a new one.

Avinode employees do not have access to your credentials. We can therefore not see them and forward them to you. What you need to do is request a new password from Avinode your self.

Go to the member login page.
Below the field for your credentials, there is a link called "Forgot Login" or "Forgot Password". Click on the link for the credential you have forgotten.

If you are sure it is your password that is keeping you from logging in, click on the link below the second paragraph "Forgot Password".

You will reach a new page where you will type either your username in Avinode or the email address which is connected to your account (the security email address).
The email will be sent to the security email address connected to the account.

It will take up to 10 minutes to receive the email which will help you proceed logging in. (Please check your spam filter if you didn't receive anything after ten minutes).
In the email there is a link you need to follow to create a new password. This link is only valid for one hour. If it has expired, you need to do the process from the start again, asking for a new password.

If changing the password didn't help you and you still cant login to Avinode, you are probably not using the correct user name either. At this stage it is easiest to contact support@avinode.com for further assistance to reset your entire account.

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