The Schedaero FlightBridge integration will automatically send all of your scheduled flight legs to FlightBridge where 

Set up

  • Ask your FlightBridge representative to enable the Schedaero Integration. 
  • Once active in FlightBridge they will provide you with with an Operator Code that can be added in the Schedaero settings Integrations page.
  • BE AWARE: Once active logistic notes will be overwritten with notes from Flight Bridge.
    Example: If you had crew hotel notes in Schedaero AND FlightBridge the notes from FlightBridge will overwrite the Schedaero notes. 

Once Active

Schedaero will send Scheduled trips flight legs to Flight Bridge both when you create or edit a scheduled trip.  

  • Itinerary (date time & airports)
  • Aircraft
  • Crew names and contact
  • Passenger names and contact info
  • FBO Name

FlightBridge sends Confirmed/Completed

  • Hotel bookings
  • Transportation
  • FBO 
  • Catering

Notes will be returned from FlightBridge Vendor will not be, and must be manually set in Schedaero

Example rental car booking:

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