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Avinode: Get quoted from Home base at all times
Avinode: Get quoted from Home base at all times
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We have many different settings making it possible to tailor your route construction in Avinode. What you need to do is edit your Routing Profiles.
Go to Aircraft and in the drop down menu, you will find Routing Profiles.

If this is your first time visiting this page, there will be only one default profile. To edit it, click anywhere on the same row.

In the first paragraph of the Routing Rules, you will find the setting where you can decide from where Avinode should position your aircraft in the beginning of a trip, the first leg.
Please note, applying settings in the Routing profile will over rule your schedule activities. Although, we will never disregard your mandatory activities (mandatory activities are anything occupied, such as PAX legs, maintenance asf.)

In the example above where it says "3" in the days settings box it means: If your aircraft have been "flown" to a transient base more than 3 days ago, Avinode will quote you from your home base in stead of your scheduled position. So if your home base is LIML and the schedule says you flew to ESSA and you are left transient from ESSA for 5 days, Avinode will quote you from your home base LIML after 3 days.
If the days setting i "0", the home base will always be considered. To remove this setting, leave the field totally blank. 

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