To create company specific pricing profiles, go to Aircraft, Pricing Profiles and click on the Create New link. This will open to a Create New Pricing Profile page.

Start with the basic information for the pricing profile:

  • Status: To activate or deactivate a profile simply click or unclick the Status box. Deactivated profiles will be saved and can be reactivated later.

  • Unique Name: Name your profile by typing in the box labeled Unique Name. Keep in mind that this name will apply to the profile and not the aircraft assigned to it. For aircraft with multiple profiles it’s a good idea to choose a name that reflects the profile’s purpose (ex. Company Name – Aircraft Type)

  • Avinode Rate: This allows you to choose how you want this profile to be applied.

  • To apply the profile only to specific companies, choose “Use for selected companies.” Then enter the company or companies in the field below. *Companies must have an Avinode Membership to be included on this list.

  • Use on Aircraft: Apply this profile to one or more aircraft from your fleet by choosing them from the “Use on Aircraft” drop down.

Next, enter rates for the pricing profile:

  • Enter your rates by typing a new price into the rate box.

  • Choose a new line item from the “Add line item” drop down to add additional rates.

  • To create a new line item that is not found in the Add line item drop down menu, see the subject below on “How do I create a customized line item for my Pricing Profile?”

  • To delete an existing line item simply click the red button beside that line item. 

  • Make sure to Save the pricing profile in the bottom right hand corner.

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