To create a new Pricing Profile or edit an existing one, go to Aircraft > Pricing Profiles

Start with the basic information for the aircraft. 

  • Make sure the status is active, choose a unique name and currency.
  • Under Avinode rate make sure to choose Use to generate quotes for all companies in Avinode search in order for the pricing profile to be applied by default.
  • Choose which aircraft the pricing profile should be applied to from the drop-down menu Use on Aircraft. You can apply it to one or several aircraft.

Next step is to fill the following fees to your pricing profile:

  • Revenue flight fee is the fee per hour with passenger
  • Ferry flight fee is the fee for positioning
  • Landing fees per airport and per passenger, you can have one fee in the pricing profile and special fees for different airport - Click here to view for Landing fees per airport.
  • Passenger departure and arrival fees: they will be added when you land with passenger to a location and when you leave with passenger from an airport. If you have specific airports fees (as for landing) these fees will be taken into account if the trip is to that specific airport - Click here to learn how to add these fees
  • Domestic and International overnight fees: here you can the cost for your aircraft and crew if the aircraft is staying overnight away from home-base
  • Domestic and International per trip fees: here you can set the cost that is not covered in the revenue and ferry fees.
  • Fuel Stop: here you can set the cost for a fuel stop, if you need to do one.

Couldn't find the line item you were looking for in the drop-down menu? Check out this page on how to create your own line item:

Please note this article explains how to set up a default pricing profile. Please see the links below on how to add custom pricing profiles to your fleet.

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