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Avinode: Using Schedule Lite
Avinode: Using Schedule Lite
You can set your aircraft to occupied and available fast
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Schedule Lite is a quick and easy-to-use schedule module. You can set your aircraft to occupied and available, along with inputting ferry and empty leg with just a few clicks.

How to Create a Schedule Activity

1.First go to Schedule > Schedule Lite 

  • In the schedule, click the box corresponding with the day the activity is occurring and the aircraft you want to update.

  • A pop-up will be shown, and by default, the aircraft is set as occupied (“Occ”) at home base for the whole day. From here, you will be able to change the activity type (“Occupied”, “Empty” or “Ferry”),  to the dates, times and airports.

2. To add another leg, press the “+” sign; to delete a leg, press the “-“ sign.

When you are finished, press Save. You will now see the corresponding activities in the schedule overview.

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