Please see below instructions on how to add or update your insurance document. Please note only users with administrator permissions for the Avinode account will have access to this section. 

*To avoid delaying your insurance approval, please don't forget to list your insured aircraft followings steps 1-3 below.

  • First, please go to Company -> Insurance.

  • Next, fill in the requested information and upload the insurance document in PDF format.

  • Finally, in the insured aircraft section, go through the following steps per aircraft that you are listing:

   1 select the tail number from the drop-down menu

   2 type in the insured amount, select the insured value from the drop down (Thousand, Million or Billion) and select the currency

  3 click the Add Aircraft Button for each aircraft you are adding. We cannot approve the insurance update if you do not list your aircraft.

  • Finally, once you are done listing your aircraft for this insurance, click on the Save Policy & Aircraft button. 

Please email us at once you have successfully completed your insurance information and listing your aircraft or if you have any questions.

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