As getting too many requests for urgent flights that you know you wont be able to cater to is a real thief of time and energy, and could hurt your stats, it is actually possible to do something about this. You can control the time frame where your aircraft is available and when it is not, no matter what your schedule says.

  1. Go to Aircraft > Routing Profiles 

2. If you don't already have a Routing profile, you need to create a new one.
Click "New" on the right hand side of the page and go to step 3.
If you already have a Routing Profile for this specific aircraft, you can just click anywhere on the white space on the row with the profile for that aircraft. When the existing profile have opened you can jump to step 4 in this guide. 

3. Fill out the Basic information for this routing profile. 

4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and there you will find the section called Availability Rules.
In the section Availability Rules you can add the time frame for departure time which you are interested in. This will give you the possibility to design what kind of requests you want and don't want. 

In the example above, Minimum Hours out = 40, this means your aircraft will not show up in the search result for any trip that has a first departure time within the next coming 40 hours.

 Minimum hours out – Your aircraft will not show if the requested trip's first departure is within this time frame.
Maximum days out – Example- Use this if you do not want to receive requests after a certain amount of days.
Exclude when transient- This rule will block your aircraft from showing up in the search results when waiting in a transient location.

Click here to update your availability rules

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