A fixed price for specific city pairs is over-ruling your regular pricing profile for this specific route. It will however, always consider your schedule availability.
The oneway price will not be considered nor included in a round trip or multi leg request.

How to set it up:
When logged into Avinode, go to the Aircraft tab, chose Fleet.

For the aircraft you want to add the one-way price to, click on edit to the right on the page, the little pencil symbol.
Chose the tab called One way pricing. 

To the right on the next page, click on "Create new".
Select the route, days out and Fixed price for the route:

"Days out" means how many days in advance before departure the request must come before you offer this special rate. If it is less than the stated dates left until departure, Avinode will make a normal route and calculate the price based on your pricing profile.

Click save and the fixed rate is applied for this aircraft. 

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