Go to the Search tab in Avinode and select Helicopters

On the next page, you will add the starting point of the helicopter trip.

After that, apply a maximum radius around that airport where the helicopter need to be based to appear in the search result. (You will be able to build the full itinerary after the next step).
Click on Search to retrieve helicopters.

You will get a list of all helicopters based within the maximum radius of the airport you select. To send requests to them, check the box on the right side of the list and click on Send request in the bottom of the page.

You will now be taken to another page where you can build your itinerary.

In the "To" field you have the possibility to type the address you are looking to fly to, it doesn't have to be an airport. You can also set the date and add additional legs if needed.
In the bottom of this page you can also write a message to the helicopter operators if there is anything specific they need to know.
Click "Send request" in the bottom of this page and you are done!
You will find your helicopter request and track responses on the regular Trips - Buying page. 

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