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Avinode: Updating your amenities
Avinode: Updating your amenities
Offcourse! Do you also have a lavatory with a door? Make sure the word is out there.
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It is a great idea to update your aircraft profile with as much information as possible, especially when it comes to your aircraft's amenities. Did you know buyers can actually search specifically for aircraft with wi-fi or allow pets?

Here is how you set up your amenities and highlight all the equipment you have on-board.

Go to Aircraft - Fleet.

Open up the aircraft to edit by clicking on the little pencil symbol on the right hand side of the page.

Once on the next page, scroll all the way down to the Amenities section.

Here you can see which amenities you have already applied. To add or edit these, click on the "Update Amenities" link.
A new window will pop-up on the screen. Just tick the boxes for any of the amenities that your aircraft is equipped with.
In the first section called "Most used" we list the amenities that can also be filtered on in the search result, these are regarding Lavatory, Pets, Smoking and wi-fi. These are the most important to apply if they are applicable for your aircraft.

End the process by clicking Update and don't forget to save the landing page to apply all the changes.

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