We have tried to make it as simple as possible for operators to promote their last minute availability and that is why we developed the feature called Takeoff Ready. Obviously, if you want to receive requests for trips that depart fairly soon, there isn't much time to market this!

When we say an aircraft is Takeoff Ready, we mean it should really be ready for take off - You have an available aircraft, probably you don't need (or already have) owner's approval and you have crew standing by. Buyers with urgent needs will use the Takeoff Ready filter in the search result to find the aircraft that are guaranteed available.

To note though, before we start digging deeper into this; the concept of Takeoff Ready is to highlight your urgent availability and to make it easier for buyers to know that the aircraft they find in the search result, when they filter on Takeoff Ready-aircraft only are actually - Takeoff ready. If your aircraft is available in the schedule it will still appear in the search result, but it wont be given this extra guarantee of readiness. 

  1. To find our Takeoff Ready section, go to the Schedule Tab and chose Takeoff Ready. 

2. Here you will see an overview of your fleet and the status of your aircraft for the next 96 hours (You can only promote your Takeoff Ready availability up until 96 hours).

Hoovering on any of the free time slots (white space) will mark the time slot blue. The Airport and the little aircraft symbol will mark the middle of that time slot to indicate how long it is. 

3. To mark it as Takeoff Ready, click on the slot when it is blue and a pop up window will appear.

Apply the time frame which you wish to promote here and if you have High Time crew, you can check the box for that here as well.
Click on the blue Promote button in the bottom of the box and your time slot have now been highlighted in the search result for anyone making a search for an urgent flight. 

4. Once you click Promote, the box will be closed and you will be taken back to the overview of your fleet in Takeoff ready. You will see your Takeoff ready slots have now taken another color. For those slots that also have High Time crew available there is an aircraft symbol with a circle around it.

5. For anyone making a search for a flight within the time frame and retrieves your aircraft, they will see your aircraft marked with a green plane symbol, indicating that you are available for take off! 

6. Also note that you can use the same feature for blocking an aircraft. Just select the Mark as unavailable option once you clicked on the time slot in the schedule:

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