We have made it easier for operators who really want to sell their urgent availability to promote this.
They will specify the time slot where they guarantee they have an aircraft, they have crew and they have owner's approval - they are ready for Takeoff!
We call it *drum roll* Takeoff Ready. 

If you need an aircraft urgently and want a higher chance to find one you should use our new Takeoff ready filter in the search result. 

  1. Go to the Search Tab and select aircraft.

2. Conduct a regular search. To be able to use the Takeoff ready filter, the flight need to depart within the coming 96 hours.

3. You are taken to the search result, just like for a normal search.
To filter on the Takeoff Ready aircraft, you will find them on the left side of the page, in the top among the filters.

Even without using the filter you can already see which aircraft are Takeoff Ready and have marked they also have highly qualified crew available.

To only see aircraft which are Takeoff ready, you click to apply the filter.

What does High Time Crew mean? Are they extra funny? No, it's as simple as they have a substantial amount of experience in the type and category equivalent to the standards of Net Jets, Wheels Up, Arg/US Platinum or Wyvern Wingman. They have flown a lot!

On the right hand side of the search result you see the symbol for weather the aircraft is "only" Takeoff ready, or if they are Takeoff Ready with highly qualified pilots as well. 

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