In Trip Manager you can add your Terms and Conditions that will be sent out with your quotes and a contract that you can send with the invoice. You have the option to send these documents with all quotes automatically, or just add them when you send your quote. 

There are two ways to add your Ts&Cs, as a text document or as a PDF file under Settings - Documents:

Under the Integrations tab you can enable DocuSign with Trip Manager, if you have an account with DocuSign.

Next step is to select your default quote style. Once you have selected on option by default, all your quotes will be in the same model. For any particular case you can always change the quote when you personalize your document. Have a look under Company - Settings - Reports to choose your favorite template. You can also select the information you want to have on the Passenger Trip Sheets and Pilot Trip Sheets by clicking on Customize Trip Sheets:

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