Sometimes you get that great relationship with a business partner that works so well you really want to work more with them. It is easy to offer these partners discounts straight in the search result. 

Here is how you setup a special rate for partners in Avinode:

  1. Go to the Aircraft tab and select Aircraft  - Pricing profile. 

2. You will find a list of all your Pricing profiles for your entire fleet. 

The easiest way to create a partnership rate is to copy an existing Pricing profile.
Click on the little icon on the right side of the page, looking like duplicate papers.

This will create a duplicate version of an already existing profile connected to this aircraft.

3.  Give the new Pricing Profile a new name.
      Make sure you tick the button for only "Use for selected companies".
      Below, you add all the companies you wish to offer this discount for, minimum one        other company.

4. Assign aircraft to this Pricing Profile, could be one or multiple.

5. Scroll down to the Pricing section where you will find the list of line items for this profile. Adjust them according to your preferred discount setting. Most common is an adjustment on the hourly rates.

6. Click save in the bottom of the page and the discount have been applied. Any user working for the selected partner companies will now see your aircraft in the search result with this price instead of the price displayed for all other members. 

There will be nothing in the search result indicating to the partners that this is a discounted rate.

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