If you are an AOC holder, it is possible to make updates to your Air Operator Certificate yourself (you will only be able to do this if you are a company administrator in your account).
If you don't hold an AOC yourself,  ie. if you are marketing other operator's aircraft, then you cannot make any updates to AOC documents. In that case you can send the AOC to support@avinode.com and we will help you upload it.  

Here are the steps to follow to update your own Air Operator Certificate with operation specifications.

  1. Go to the Company tab and select Certificate. 

2. You will find an overview of your current certificate. To make updates, click on the little edit button on the right side of the page. 

3. Go to the AOC section and click on Browse to upload your new, updated PDF version of your full AOC and Ops specs pages.

All pages with the tail numbers of your fleet must be included, make sure you include all those pages with the first page of your AOC. If an aircraft which is active in Avinode is not included in the Operation Specifications pages, it cannot remain active in Avinode, so make sure all aircraft still on your AOC are listed in the ops specs provided. 

4. If you need to make amendments to your fleet, you can add aircraft in two ways.
Either click on the link on the right, "Add new Aircraft," or, if you have already added it in SchedAero ie, it will be in your fleet list and you can then Select aircraft, in the Add existing aircraft section.

Add the tail number, type and serial number to your aircraft, scroll all the way to the bottom and click save.
Now, Avinode support staff will receive a notification that there is a new AOC uploaded for our review and approval. As soon as we have had a look at it and confirmed all is good, we will approve and the updates are live.

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