Click on the "Company" tab and on the drop down select  "Settings." This will pull up your "Settings" menu and It will automatically default on the "General" page. 

Scroll down to "Duty Day Types" overview. Schedaero has preset Duty day types that will auto-generate in your account. 

To create a new Duty day type, you are able to add a new option by clicking on the "Add new option" button located on the right side of the page. Once clicked a new box will appear for you to enter the new Duty day type you would like to create. If you want to edit the name of it, you're able to rename it at any time by clicking in the box. 

Please keep in mind, you have the option to create the new Duty day type as "Rest day," it's up to your discretion. The "Rest Day" will be counted as a legal 24 hr day off. For example, we have "Legal Rest Day" the "Rest day check box has been checked and this will automatically calculate the legal 24 hr day off on the crew's Duty log.

If you want to deactivate a Duty day type, simply click on the red button next to "Deactivate." 

This will automatically deactivate the Duty day type option and will appear under the Deactivated option list. You're always able to Re-Activate a deactivated option by clicking on the green button next to "Activate."

For any changes made, please make sure to click "Save" on the right side bottom of the page. 

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