The price accuracy is located on the homepage of the Operator’s account under Response Statistics. 

What does Price accuracy mean? And why does it matter?

What is Price Accuracy: Price accuracy will compare the tail’s quoted price with the Avinode generated price. An accurate price will be below or matching the Avinode generated price. It also allows up to a 5% increase, as there will be factors that are outside of the Operator's control. An average of the last period (max 90 days) of request will be calculated to ensure it’s correct. 

Why does it matter? This is used as a tool to show the accuracy of the Operator's price in comparison to the list price in the Avinode Search. It’s a simple guiding point to let buyers know they can trust the Operator's price and help seal the deal faster. 

Where do buyers see the Operator's price accuracy? 

When searching for the best aircraft and operator, the buyer has the option to click the Seller's company name in the search results. This will provide an overview of the price accuracy and all response statistics.

The screen shot below demonstrates how the Broker clicks on the seller's name and views the operator's price accuracy. 

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