To get an overview of all your Pricing Profiles, go to the Aircraft tab and select Pricing Profiles.

You will find the list of your Pricing profiles and what aircraft are connected to each of them. One aircraft can belong to several Pricing profiles with different time constraints, but there must be one generic "all-year-long" profile that will be the base of your pricing. 

Once you have your main, generic pricing profile, valid without time constraints, you can start being creative and setup more pricing profiles for specific periods of time, for specific buyers and for urgent trips.

So, for one aircraft, the pricing setup can look like this pic below -One pricing profile is generic, valid for all companies at all times.
In addition they have one profile targeted to a partner with a special rate (also valid all year long, but only visible to this company), they have a seasonal rate, covering the whole of december offering a slightly higher rate for this period (for all companies except for the one mentioned in the Partner pricing profile).
Lastly, they also have an urgent rate for any request for a flight departing within the coming 65 hours.

So, how I can set up rates like these?

  1. The easiest way to start is to copy your regular standard rate. This will create a copy of the original with all the line items and rates already populated. 

Click on the Copy Profile button on the right side on the page (looks like two duplicate papers).

2. A brand new pricing profile will open up with all details copied from the original.
Give it a new unique name to start with.
Decide if this rate should be for urgent flights or for a specific season.

Put in the date fram within which these rates should be considered and whether this profile should be repeated yearly. 

If you chose the Urgent rate you simply put in the time fram within this price is offered (how long until departure). 

3. Change the rates any way you like to fit your price setup for this season (or urgent).

4. Click save in the bottom of the page and you have applied an additional pricing profile to your aircraft!

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