Why use Cost/Margin on your quotes in Schedaero?

Seeing the margin between your trip-related revenues and cost is a way to figure out if you should cut your costs or increase your fees. You can now assign specific costs related to your pricing options, by updating your pricing profiles and on the go when you add a new line item to your quotes. 

Step 1.
Edit your pricing profiles where you are interested in seeing a margin in pricing. You can also add line items on the go. The cost and margin functions are available for most pricing options apart from tax and airport-based ones. 

To edit the pricing profiles go to Aircraft->Pricing Profiles->Edit the Tail-> Update Cost pricing-> Update whether you want Margin to show or not. 

You can leave the box checked to not show a margin, or unchecked to be able to update Cost and Rate. 

In Cost, box enter the Cost number it takes your company to operate the flight and on Rate box the price you're charging. Once this is set up, a Margin will appear on your quotes.

Step 2.
In the Create quote page, click “Show margin” to expand the Cost and margin columns. You also have the option to hide the margin.

Step 3.
Edit costs for different line items and see how they affect the margin on your quotes. 

The margin values and percentages are displayed both per line items and in the Totals section at the bottom of the quote. 

All tax related information has been moved to a information popup on the Totals label.

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