Pricing settings allows you to create price options, quoting rules and rate types to use in pricing profiles. To get to the "Pricing Settings" page, navigate to "Company -> Settings -> Pricing"

From this page, you can:

  • Create new line items by clicking "Create new" (1

  • Remove unwanted line items by clicking the remove icon (2)

  • Arrange the order in which the items appear in a drop down menu by clicking and dragging items up or down (3)

  • Edit the configuration of each line item by clicking the edit icon (4)

In the "Edit Pricing Option" page, each item can be configured as:

  • Default for new Profiles and/or Quotes

  • Taxable, Non-Taxable, Is a Tax, or Post-Tax

  • Rate Type it's where you select what you want to charge

  • Charge on, here is where you can select how to charge your new fee, different options are available to choose from

  • Fixed Company Rate: setting this rate auto-populates the rate rather than manually adding when using this item

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