The DocuSign feature (button and pop-up) can be found in Trip Manager, on the "Detail for Quote" page next to other buttons like Download, Email, and Tasks.  

Logging In to DocuSign:

Open a a quote/request and click on the DocuSign button to open a pop-up to begin the workflow.  The "Welcome" pop up will be displayed every time the user is required to log in unless they check the "Don't show this next time" checkbox.

The first step requires you to Log In to DocuSign with your credentials.  By logging in, you will be redirected to DocuSign to sign into your account.

DocuSign will prompt you to accept a permission request.

Upon a successful log in, the pop up will now display your name and DocuSign account and will display all quote documents available for DocuSign.

Creating an Envelope

If you face issues with creating a DocuSign envelope once redirected to DocuSign, please reach out to DocuSign Support directly for help (

To create an envelope, click the "Create DocuSign Envelope" link in the pop up above. From here, you will be redirected to DocuSign where Trip Manager will have pre-populated the Quote PDF into the "Uploaded Documents" section and added a recipient based on the "Customer" information.

Within DocuSign the sender can add/remove recipients, upload additional documents, or apply templates to the documents. Templates are maintained by the sender and are a way to expedite the sending process. 

After clicking "Next", you will move to a preview of the envelope and are able to add/remove signatures, initials, dates, etc.

Once you have specified the signature requirements, you can click 'Send' and the document is sent to the customer for signing.

View Completed(Signed) Envelope

Upon the signer's completion of the envelope, you have the ability to view the completed DocuSign envelope.  This is done by clicking the "View" button to be redirected to DocuSign where you can view or even download a copy of the signed envelope.

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