It's very simple to update your Company Role:

  • Go to 'My profile' by clicking your avatar in the right corner

  • Go to the dropdown under 'Personal info'

  • Choose your company role

Why should I add it?

Personalised information about new and coming features
We are constantly tweaking and improving our suite of products. However, we are aware that all changes are not relevant to your daily work. By adding your Company Role, we can give a heads up when rolling out updates that are of use to your specific skillset.

Faster and more relevant support
In our mind you are the expert, but we all need a helping hand once in a while. By specifying what you do, our tech support can solve your issues and headaches up to 10 times faster than they would normally do.

A better user experience on our platform
By better understand how different parts of your organisation interact with our products we can provide you with better, smarter and sharper tech tools for your daily operations.

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