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Avinode: Handling the COVID-19 situation for operators
Avinode: Handling the COVID-19 situation for operators
Operators: Improve the quality of incoming requests
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In the tracks of COVID-19, we are trying our best to support you in coping with a very unusual situation. We know that many operator members are now struggling to handle a large amount of incoming requests for charter. 

Below are some questions and answers regarding what you can do to improve the quality of incoming requests.

Q: How can I block availability on my aircraft with Avinode settings?

With Availability rules you can, on a daily base, update how many days out you want to block your aircraft due to the current situation.

Mark your aircraft as unavailable for the next 96 hours in the Takeoff Ready section.
See article here

Block your aircraft from showing in search for trips departing within the time frame you set. 1 week= 168h, 1 month = 720h, any time up to a year is possible to add. You can update this in routing profile under the the availability rules for "Minimum hours out".
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If you don't want to receive requests in X  days out, update in routing profiles under the availability rules "Maximum days out".
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Q:  How can I block availability on my aircraft with my schedule? 

If you are integrating your schedule with Avinode, you can block an aircraft in your scheduling system and this activity will be pushed over to Avinode. The other solution is to turn off the schedule integration for the time being and put your aircraft on manual or schedule lite. Please email to change the schedule mode for your fleet. 

If you use Avinode's Manual or Schedule lite system you can create an occupied activity in your schedule. Please see articles below.
See the articles here for Manual schedule update.
See the article here for Schedule Lite update.

Q: Can I block my aircraft from receiving request to certain region?

Yes this is possible, we have settings that allow you to block your aircraft from receiving requests from a specific country or city.
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Q: My aircraft is ready to fly. How can I show this to buyers ? 

You can promote each tail as Takeoff Ready from your current position.
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Q: What about removing my aircraft temporarily from Avinode?

We want to ensure you have the greatest exposure during this time.  This means being able to receive requests 3-6 months from now. We recommend blocking your short term availability and keeping your aircraft active so you can receive future requests for summer or fall travel

These settings can be adjusted manually at any time.

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