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Avinode: Handling the COVID-19 situation for brokers
Avinode: Handling the COVID-19 situation for brokers
Brokers: How to get better quality responses to requests
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In the tracks of COVID-19, we are trying our best to support you in coping with a very unusual situation. We know that there is an enormous amount of requests for charter going through Avinode right now.  

Below are some questions and answers regarding what you as a broker can do to get better quality responses.

Q: How many trip requests should I send to an operator?
We recommend sending maximum 10 requests per trip, to let operators review and reply to requests in the best way.

Q: What countries are under travel restrictions due to COVID-19 ?
In this particular situation a lot of aircraft are not allowed to operate in some countries. Follow the updates on the IATA Travel Centre website.

Q: How can I increase the acceptance rate for the trip requests I send?
You can filter Search results on the positioning of available aircraft. Sending requests to the operators that are close to your departure airport increases the chance to book the trip.

Q: Add a message when sending the initial request
Let your operators know how time sensitive the trip is. Include as much detail as possible about the trip already when sending the initial request. This will save you time, not having to go back and forth.

Q: My client just canceled my trip...! What is the best way to notify all operators without having to call them?
You can cancel any request at any time with a custom message. In the Trips Buying section you have the option in the drop down to select the cancel trip button. This is a great option to save everyone time and be more efficient.

Q: Can I look for operators who have confirmed availability in the next 96 hours?
For last minute flights we advise to use the Takeoff Ready filter in the search result. These aircraft have been selected by the operator to fly with pilots and crew for the next 96 hours. 

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