Paynode is integrated with Schedaero, allowing you to handle your payment workflow, fleet scheduling and maintenance logging all in one place. Use pre-populated information from the quotes you generated to send off a payment request.

1. Simply navigate to your Scheduled Trips -> hit Invoice Tab -> Create a Paynode payment.

2. Next, click on View payment.

3. This link will take you to the Paynode platform with the Payment Details prefilled for you. A Payment Request includes information about:

  • The payment method
  • Your customer
  • The amount(s) to be charged
  • The trip itinerary
  • Terms and conditions and Cancellation Policy

5. Your trip itinerary details are already pre-populated (a minimum of one leg is required)

6. Add your documents

Here, you'll add your policies and have the option to add a message and your internal reference notes.

7. You can Save your work as you go. Click Publish when it is ready to send.

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