Paynode makes business aviation payments seamless

Paynode provides quick and easy credit card payments, a secure system and simple interface, and transparent payment tracking.

How do card charges work on Paynode?

  1. Create a Payment Request
    You start the process by sending a payment request to your customer.
    How to create a Payment Request

  2. Credit card fees

    Percentage fee based on card type for each credit card payment

    (Credit card fees are dependent on the card used.)

    Paynode Fee Schedule

  3. Your client pays
    Your client receives an email with a link to submit payment and pays.
    How your customer pays

  4. Each transaction is checked for fraud
    The transaction is authenticated using 3D Secure and checked for potential fraud.
    What is 3D Secure
    If the cardholder is not a passenger, then one passenger name is collected and screed against sanctions lists.

  5. Confirm Services Rendered
    Funds are held in your name until you self-certify that the first leg of the journey has begun.
    How to Confirm Services Rendered

  6. Get paid
    Funds are disbursed to your Paynode account.
    When to expect receipt of funds

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