Paynode FAQ

Paynode was developed to simplify the payment process for professionals in the bizav industry. With Paynode, paying for air charter is straightforward and secure department.

Can I use Paynode with Schedaero or Trip Manager?
Yes. Paynode is pre-installed on Avinode applications like Schedaero and TripManager. Rather than toggling back and forth to your email, send payment requests without leaving the apps.

What cards does Paynode accept?
Paynode supports card payments with Mastercard and Visa.

Does Paynode offer refunds?
Yes. You can issue a partial or full refund, up to the amount charged on the card.

Does Paynode allows credit card holds?
At this time we do not allow holds/authorizations.

Do you store card information?
At this time we do not store card information.

What are the Visa and Mastercard fees?
Paynode always passes down the true costs of every credit card transaction plus the + component to cover the processing platform so the Paynode members can always have the lowest costs possible. Learn more about the fees here.

Are there any reports available?
 Yes. You can export a detailed report of all the transactions made during a selected period. 

How do I get started in with Paynode?
To sign up for Paynode you need to go through the KYB process. Learn more here.                                            

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