Paynode is fully integrated with Avinode and Schedaero, allowing you to handle your charter bookings and payments all in one place. Use pre-populated information from your trip to send off a payment request to your client.

Learn how to initiate Credit cards and Instant Payments request from anywhere in the platform below.

How to request a Credit card or Instant Payment


In Trips - Buying simply navigate to your trip and click "Request Payment" to initiate a payment request through Paynode.

In Trips - Selling simply go to the trip and click the "Paynode" link to initiate a payment request through Paynode.

Schedaero / Trip Manager

Simply navigate to your Scheduled Trips -> hit Invoice Tab -> Create a Paynode payment.

Next, click on View payment.


Click on Payments, choose Incoming, and click on Create New.

Next, select the payment method Credit Card or Instant Payment.

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