The main dashboard will show all your trips assigned by day. This is considered the home page of the application. Scrolling up or down will show you your past flights that have been assigned to you as well as all other future flights that have already been assigned to the user. 

  1. Selecting the month will give you a bigger overview of how your monthly schedule looks. In addition, the specific timezone will show below the specific month. 

  2. The Calendar diagram will show the current date. Selecting it will take you to the current day assignments. 

  3. The current day will show in blue. 

  4. All your assignments will be displayed below the date. They are separated by flight segments. 

  information that will be shown : 

  • Departure & Destination 

  • Departure and Arrival Schedule time

  • Number of passengers

  • Aircraft 

  • Crew Members 

  • Status of the flight log & If the trip has been released. 

5. The assignment will have a blue bar with a New Assignment indication for every assignment that has been recently added. 

6. The Log Duty option will show for the crew member to start logging his duty times. 

7. This will toggle between the Schedule tab and settings tab. 


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