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We have launched Avinode Aid to support medical relief efforts for the aviation community through our technology during the Covid-19 pandemic. With this initiative, Operators are now able to place available ambulance aircraft and helicopters on the platform for free and we made a commitment to help increase the visibility of these air ambulances.

If you are an operator wishing to sign up your ambulance aircraft, please visit 

You can follow the steps shared below to access the ambulance aircraft while doing your search. 

  1. Under Search-> Aircraft: plug in the details of your itinerary and click on the “Search” button.  

 2. In the Search Results: you will find a filter on the upper left-hand side to show the Ambulance aircraft that might be available to do this trip.

   3. If you are looking for Cargo aircraft: scroll down to the last filter option in the search results called “Other” and Select “Cargo

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