Event tracking

By providing your Google Analytics ID under the Embed tab you will be able to track the following events from inside the web app:

  • Show category description“ – Clicking on a category description. (We can not send the category type since they are not final. They can be whatever)
  • Change currency to: <currency_code>” – Changing currency
  • Sending inquire“ – Clicking the “Sending” button to send an inquiry
  • Change language to: <language_code>“ – Changing language
  • Change <date field>“ – Changing date fields, where date field is the date depending on the search. (fromDate, endDate, date)
  • Change <time field>” – Changing time fields, where date field is the time depending on the search. (fromTime, endTime, time)
  • Decrement pax“ or “Increment pax” – Changing PAX
  • Change trip type to: <trip_type>” – Changing trip type
  • Open inquiry form” – Clicking inquiry button in search result
  • Close inquiry form“ – Clicking cancel or X in inquiry form
  • Search, <search_type>“ – Searching
  • Change startAirport” – Changing start airport
  • Change endAirport” – Changing end airport

No further configuration is needed. See the example below on what it should look like in your Google Analytics account once a few different events are being tracked.

Google Analytics Events

Conversion tracking

The web app solution supports a referrer variable to be sent to Google Analytics. This is setup by adding the query parameter “analyticsReferrer” with a referrer (URL to the referral site) to the bootstrap script, see below example:

<script src="https://apps.avinode.com/webapp/rest/bootstrap?Avinode-WEB-APP=<TOKEN>&analyticsReferrer=<REFRERRER>" async>

The query parameter is added right after the authorization token, starting with &analyticsReferrer= and should be in the format https://mywebsite.com/.

With “analyticsReferrer” we will send the referrer to Google Analytics and one can create reports based on different referrer values.

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