Can I turn off the automatic confirmation email sent to clients after they request a quote using our web app?

Yes, you can. This setting can be found under the Apps page in Avinode. Select the web app from the list and then select Settings tab. Uncheck the checkbox 'Send confirmation' and click Save. If you have more than one web app, repeat the steps for each app. This email is sent automatically from within the system and the content can't be edited.

Why is my web app partly hidden on my website?

Sometimes the date picker, or other expanding parts of the web app, appear blocked by other elements on the hosting website. This is usually because the main website has a set of styling rules (CSS) that is overriding the web app. For example there is something called 'z-index' that decides on what level an element should be stacked on a page, and likely the blocking container near the web app has a higher index.

Ask your web developer to have a closer look at the website design and adjust accordingly.

Why am I receiving Client leads for Empty legs with two different routes?

When performing an Empty Leg search in the Avinode Marketplace, you will get results for any empty legs with a similar route that might be feasible, including the extra positioning time required to pick up passengers at the requested route.

The Avinode Empty Leg web app works with the same logic and in the web app lead, you will get the information for the requested itinerary as well as the Empty leg’s itinerary (in the Aircraft section).

Is it possible to have a separate page where my end clients get routed to once they have submitted a request via the web app?

Our web apps do not support this setup. An alternate workflow we have is requiring your end clients to submit their contact info before searching. If you are interested in this setup, please let us know and we will configure the settings. If you want a different workflow than the one we provided, you can contact your Account Manager and inquire about using our custom APIs.

I added my Google Analytics ID in the app settings, how can I track the conversion rate to know which of my ad campaigns work best?

The web app solution supports a referrer variable to be sent to Google Analytics. This is setup by adding a query parameter called “analyticsReferrer” with a referrer URL to the end of the web app bootstrap script. By entering an URL in the textbox and clicking save, this will be generated to the code automatically.

With this parameter we will send the referrer URL to Google Analytics and one can create reports based on different referrer values. Read more in this article.

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