UI settings

The looks of the web app can be customized. Select the Web UI tab in the configuration pages for you web app. Here you can select colors and which search features that you would like to have enabled in the web app. Changing the colors will update the preview to the right, but the appearance for the actual web app will first be updated after you hit “Save”.


This is the commission, in percent, that will be added to the prices displayed to the visitor. This is by default set to 0 %.

Send confirmation to end client

By default, a confirmation email is sent to the visitor after the visitor has requested a more detailed quote. With this setting, the Avinode member can decide if such a confirmation email should be sent or not. This email is sent automatically from within the system and the content can't be edited.

Setting this will enforce the user to accept your privacy policy, to be provided via a link.


The Avinode member can configure the languages to be available in the web app. Names and descriptions of the different aircraft categories can be translated.

If your website uses multiple domains for different languages, then you should setup one web app for each domain and keep only this specific language in the settings. If you choose to have multiple languages in the same web app, the default language will always be English (the default language cannot be changed).

These are the supported languages:

• English – Great Britain
• English – United States
• Russian
• German
• French
• Spanish
• Italian
• Dutch
• Portuguese – Brazil
• Chinese


The Avinode member can configure the aircraft categories available in the web app under the Categories tab.

Sort by category or type

Select to display the web app results as aggregated aircraft categories (your own categories or the Avinode default) or by aggregated aircraft types. This setting is found in the Embed section.

Safety rating filter

With this setting only aircraft with a certain safety rating will be included in search results.

Fleet filter

This setting decides which aircraft in the Avinode Marketplace that will be considered when compiling the results. The default fleet filter includes all aircraft in the Avinode Marketplace.

Contact Info

This is the contact information to the Avinode member that will be displayed in the web app.

Show price in search results

This setting can exclude all prices from the web apps, instead allowing the end client to inquire for price. This setting is found in the Embed section.

Web app search results

To ensure good quality results we only provide the best options in our web apps. Logged into Avinode, you will be able to find more options for flexible end clients.

By default aircraft are excluded according to the following criteria:

  • More than 0 fuel stops

  • Initial positioning time > 0 (transient aircraft)

  • Cargo flights

  • Ambulance flights

  • Helicopters

Please note! Due to the default filters mentioned above, including any commission added, the prices shown in the web app will appear different compared to a standard, non-filtered search inside Avinode.

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