Embedding a web app to your own page is as simple as inserting a code fragment. The code fragment you should use is available in the “Embed” tab under the web app settings.

On this page you will find a grey box with a code to be inserted on your page.

The first div-element called "avinodeApp", is the element where the web app will be injected. Place this element on the page where you like the web app to be. The second part with the script should be placed in the end of your “body”. This is all you have to do to get the web app included in your page.

Common issues

Sometimes when embedding the web app, the date picker or other expanding parts of the app, appear blocked by other elements on the hosting website. This is usually because the main website has a set of styling rules (CSS) that is overriding the web app. For example there is something called 'z-index' that decides on what level an element should be stacked on a page, and likely the blocking container near the web app has a higher index. If this is the case, ask your web team to have a closer look at the website design and adjust accordingly.

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