Downloading your client leads from Avinode is done by configuring settings on your Avinode account to subscribe to web-hook notifications. Notification messages will be sent out automatically each time a client lead is created. The info in the notification message can be used to download the complete lead information to be stored in your own system.

The lead data will hold information on the customer contact details, the itinerary requested, number of passengers etc.

API connection

Downloading the client leads from Avinode requires an active API connection on the member's account where the web app is setup. This will be created by Avinode support and will give access to download leads directly from the live environment using Avinode APIs.

Please note!

The leads download setup is configured and tested directly in the live environment, so no need to go through the Avinode sandbox (test environment).

Avinode support will provide the details on how to call the API.

You can read more about the technical details in our API documentation, with specific details on the Client Leads notification category and which endpoints to use.

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