What is a refund

A refund allows you to send an amount charged on a credit card back to the original form of payment. You can refund the full amount or a partial amount, up to the original amount charged on the card.

How to initiate a refund

  • In order to issue a refund for a American Express, Visa or Mastercard charge, please send your request via email to support@paynode.com. In the email, provide the Payment Request ID and the amount to be refunded. Only requests from users with the correct Paynode user permission will be considered authorized requests.
  • If the funds have not yet been disbursed to your company's bank account, the refund will be actioned upon receipt (within business hours).
  • If the funds have already been disbursed to your bank account, then Paynode will provide you wire instructions on where to send the funds. Upon receipt of the bank wire, the refund of the funds back to the cardholder will be actioned.
  • Once the refund has been processed, the Payment Request for the original payment will be updated.

Refund fees

When a refund is processed, some, but not all, of the original transaction fees are returned. The fees that are reversed are:

  • Merchant Bank Fee
  • Scheme Fees
  • Paynode Fee

The fee that is not reversed is the Interchange Fee.

This means that a refund will result in a negative balance (the amount of the Interchange fee). This is the cost of issuing the refund and will be owed by the Paynode member that initiated the refund.

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