Sell globally and collect payments locally.

Get paid faster while giving your clients more choices.

Your Currency Accounts in Paynode allow you to manage payments where you're managing your trip.

With your currency accounts, you can receive payments through local payment methods and international wires.

You are able to make currency conversions at highly competitive rates between your Currency Accounts.

And you can pay out of those accounts to third parties. We will start you off with USD, EUR, and GBP bank accounts that are in your company’s name with their own unique account numbers. If needed, additional currencies can be added.

There are no fees or additional costs for us to turn this on. There are no transaction fees for you to receive wire payments and make FX conversions. A flat fee will be applied for payments made to third parties. Click here for the fee schedule.

Learn more about managing your Currency Accounts by using the links below.

  1. Account Console Overview.
  2. How to receive funds locally
  3. How to convert currencies.
  4. How to add a beneficiary.
  5. How to pay a third party or yourself.

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