Get paid 💸 instantly.

🔸 You can send and receive Instant Payments between Paynode members 24/7/365, freeing you from conventional banking hours and constraints.

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Instant Payments

  1. How to Request an Instant Payment.
  2. How to Pay an Instant Payment Request.

Sell globally 🌍 and collect payments locally 🏦.

🔸 With your currency accounts, you can receive payments through local bank transfers and international wires.

🔸 You are able to make currency conversions at highly competitive rates.

🔸 And you can make wire payments to to third parties.

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Currency Accounts

  1. Account Console Overview.
  2. How to receive funds locally
  3. How to convert currencies.
  4. How to add a beneficiary.
  5. How to pay a third party or yourself.

Get paid with credit card 💳

🔸 Accept credit card payments safely and securely with best practice chargeback protections.

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Credit card payments

  1. Initiate Credit card and Instant payments from where you manage your trip.

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