If integrating schedule data to Avinode:

Q: How do I block aircraft availability if I have a schedule integration with Avinode?

A: This requires adding an event in your scheduling software such as maintenance activity or passenger segment to block the aircraft availability. This activity will push over to Avinode shortly after.

Q: Do I have a way to block aircraft availability without having to add an event in my fleet management system?

A: Yes, you can use Avinode’s routing rules to override your schedule data. We recommend using the Minimum or Maximum days out rule which allows you to block your schedule for this period of time.

See routing rules:

Q: How do I block my aircraft availability if I am using Schedaero?

A: This requires adding the Unavailable event in the Schedaero calendar. However, if you have multiple events this can cause confusion when interpreting the schedule data on the Avinode side. We recommend viewing this link or contacting the team.

If using Avinode's Manual or Schedule Lite tool:

Q: How do I block my availability if I am using schedule lite or manual?

A: If you use Avinode's Manual or Schedule lite system you can create an occupied activity in your schedule. Please see articles below.

If blocking schedule under 96 hours:

Q: I only want to block my aircraft availability for the next 96 hours?

A: This can be done by using the Takeoff ready feature. See article.

If blocking transient availability:

Q: How do I block my aircraft availability when my aircraft is sitting transient?

A: In the routing rules section, there is an option to block transient availability for specific aircraft.

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